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Fire Departments / Municipalities

How quickly can your first responders pull up critical information about your town’s high-occupancy and high cost-buildings? How prepared are mutual aid stations to react with knowledge in emergency response situations at buildings that impact the city’s health, safety and economy?

Pre-incident plans need to be immediately accessible, easily updateable, and even shareable.
With CommandScope the most critical pre-plan information is displayed on a single screen, providing touchscreen access to floor plans, site plans, GIS maps, hazmat and more. Now your station – and even mutual aid stations – can respond with knowledge rather than “trial” and “error.”

  • Viewable en-route to incident on mobile screens
  • Interfaces with CAD, GIS mapping systems, and IP/web-based security cameras
  • Interoperable between fire, police, mutual aid, etc.
  • Entire campuses can be pre-planned
  • Information available via touch screens on site
  • Building updates are immediately shareable
  • Creates minimal impact on IT resources
  • Improves municipal ISO rating
  • Works with CommandScope Connect Web Portal for pre plan data collection/revenue generation
  • Unlimited users

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