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Effective emergency response is never an accident. It is the result of good preparation and shared critical information. It allows first responders to act with knowledge rather than trial and error, saving time, lives and property.

RealView, LLC is a Chicago-based mobile software company that is dedicated to saving lives and mitigating property damages in cases of emergency be it fire, active shooter or natural disaster. RealView’s technology consists of the CommandScope Emergency Pre-plan program and RealView’s Mobile Inspections program. Both are proven, critical tools for first responders and property owners/managers alike.

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The CommandScope pre-plan program provides critical building details in a format that is both easy to use and – as importantly – shareable. Because it is shareable, even first responders unfamiliar with an emergency site will have working knowledge of the building, its occupants and its hazards.

CommandScope is accessed on-site at building security stations via touch screens and/or on first responders’ portable tablets. And because the information is updated remotely, even the latest building updates can be accessed by first responders at the touch of a finger.

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RealView Mobile Inspections is a paperless tablet application for streamlining inspections, audits and compliance requirements that can be used with or without an internet connection. Designed to improve efficiency, RealView Mobile Inspections saves time and money for any inspector. By using a tablet, inspectors have the ability to electronically submit compliance checklists and even issue “alerts” or “service requests” from the field in a user-friendly, one-step process.

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