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Emergency Pre-Plans

Commandscope: Take Control in the Case of an Emergency

As manager, you are tasked with the protection of your University's most important capital assets. Damage is inevitable. From 2003 to 2006, the NFPA reported an average of 3,570 campus fires annually, resulting in over 29 million dollars in property damage per year. In order to mitigate the cost of that damage, you must take control of emergency situations; you must have a plan in place.

The Key to Minimizing Property Damage is Preparation

A thorough emergency pre-plan saves lives, reduces injury, and minimizes property damage. With Commandscope, you can always be prepared by creating and maintaining pre-plans for all facilities, having constant access to all the most up-to-date information on facility conditions, and instantly delivering information to designated personnel - all in real-time.

  • Have entire campus Fire/Emergency Pre-Planned
  • Information available on Campus
  • Information available on way to incident
  • First Responders act with knowledge
  • Keep your management up-to-date on the condition of all your facilities
  • Create audits, inspection, punch lists, service requests, sketches and photos
  • Electronically deliver information to designated personnel immediately
Client Testimonial

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The first step to staying on top of facility maintenance and building codes is having the most up-to-date information about their conditions. RealView Inspections takes all the hassle out of this traditionally tedious and costly process, making it simple and efficient to maintain your records and create actionable goals. It's never been easier to collect, organize, and distribute information so quickly between inspection and management.

The true value of real-time data

Why are you receiving numerous maintenance complaints despite having a routine periodic maintenance program? Typically, inspectors and managers have worked with data that's weeks or even months old. With RealView Inspections, inspectors' records become part of your database instantly - complete with photos, sketches, audits, service requests, punch lists and everything else. With detailed, real-time data, management has a complete awareness of the state of all facilities at a given time. Only with this type of awareness can anyone make informed decisions on priorities, scheduling, and resource allocation.