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Electronic Pre-Plans, Improved Protection

February 2010 - Heartland Real Estate Business

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Emergency Pre-Plans

In the reporting period 2003-2006, there were an average of 13,400 reported hi-rise structure fires per year. These resulted in 62 deaths a year and 490 lives lost. Also, an average in excess of $179 million in property damage.

CommandScope makes all of the required information on the structure available to the first responders with a touch of the fingertip on the way to an accident and at the scene of the incident. It results in:

  • Standardize emergency management documents
  • Provide first responders (fire/police/EMS) with accurate building data
  • Enhance risk management
  • Reduce liability and improve guest and staff safety

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Always have current and accurate records on the condition of your property, from roof to basement. Inspect, record, report, convey - in a one-step process, INSPECT. Can refer to previous conditions, alert, emergencies, vendors, and work order systems all with the same one-step process. Accurate records present liabilities in the event of accidents.

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