Reduce liability and improve patient and staff safety.

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Emergency Pre-Plans

NFPA reports 3,750 structure fires were reported in medical facilities between 2003 and 2006, resulting in 26.9 million in property damage and numerous deaths and injuries. CommandScope insures less property damage and saves lives. It makes all of the required information required to First Responders on the way to an incident and has it available on touch screens at the scene of the incident.

  • Standardize emergency management documents
  • Provide first responders (fire/police/EMS) with accurate building data
  • Enhance risk management
  • Reduce liability and improve patient and staff safety.

Useful Information

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Have permanent current records of conditions of hospitals with each one-step inspection process. Refer to last inspection without locating and rummaging through files and storage cabinets. From a single hospital building to total hospital campuses. Sends electronic "alerts" for repairs and can interface with work order systems. Better conditioned hospitals provide better care to patients. Permanent records protect against liabilities.