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Accurate and detailed pre-plans help your first responders arrive at the scene ready to protect your community’s most valuable assets, lives and property.

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Pre-Plan Program

Pre-Planning made easy. All too often, pre-incident plans are either ignored or don't exist, which increases the risk to First Responders and the citizens they protect. With CommandScope the most critical pre-plan information is displayed on a single screen, providing touchscreen access to floor plans, site plans, GIS maps, hazmat, and more… Respond with knowledge rather than by "trial" and "error."

  • View en-route to incident
  • Interface with CAD
  • Interface with mapping
  • Interoperable between: fire, police, mutual aid, etc.
  • Unlimited users
  • Automatic updates providing minimal impact on IT resources
  • Improve municipal ISO rating
  • CommandScope Connect Web Portal for pre plan data collection/revenue generation

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RealView offers an easy to use web-based Public Safety program for any type of inspection- including checklists, audits, surveys, and code compliance record keeping. Ranging from annual fire inspections to daily vehicle inspections, we recommend using a tablet PC for fastest results. RVI will also send electronic "Alerts" for repairs or "Violations", and can interface with existing work order systems. Eliminate pen and paper recording that leads to excessive paper consumption, distribution, and unnecessary costs. GO GREEN!

RealView is the first practical mobile service for helping public safety officials and field personnel save time and money on inspections.