Assisted Living

Accurate and detailed pre-plans serve to protect your occupants and reduce liability.

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Emergency Pre-Plans

NFPA reports an average of 2,070 structure fires in Assisted Living Facilities a year. This results in an average of 16 lives lost, 170 injuries, and in excess of 10.9 million in property damage.

CommandScope can be viewed by First Responders on the way to the incident, at the incident and on touch screens at the security desk of the facility.

CommandScope provides First Responders with the information required to respond to the fire/emergency. It insures less property damage and serves to save lives.

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Always have current and accurate records of condition of property from roof to basement. Inspect, record, report, convey in a "one-step" process - INSPECT. Can refer to previous conditions, alert, emergencies, vendors, and work order systems a